List of accepted papers

  • Rating by Ranking: An Improved Scale for Judgement-Based LabelsJack O’Neill, Sarah Jane Delany and Brian Mac Namee.
  • How Do Different Levels of User Control Affect Cognitive Load and Acceptance of Recommendations?Yucheng Jin, Bruno Cardoso and Katrien Verbert.
  • Guided Exploration of the Domain Space of Study Programs — Recommenders in improving student awareness on the choices made during enrollmentVangel Ajanovski.
  • Enhancing an Interactive Recommendation System with Review-based Information FilteringJan Feuerbach, Benedikt Loepp, Catalin-Mihai Barbu and Jürgen Ziegler.
  • Enhancing Recommendation Diversity Through a Dual Recommendation InterfaceChun-Hua Tsai and Peter Brusilovsky.
  • IntersectionExplorer: the Flexibility of Multiple PerspectivesBruno Cardoso, Peter Brusilovsky and Katrien Verbert.
  • User Model Dimensions for Personalizing the Presentation of RecommendationsCatalin-Mihai Barbu and Jürgen Ziegler.
  • Learning Binary Preference Relations: Analysis of logic-based versus statistical approachesNunung Nurul Qomariyah and Dimitar Kazakov.