9.15‐9.30: Introduction 

9.30­‐10.30 Invited Talk: Dietmar Jannach – Interacting with Recommender Systems

10.30-­11.00 Coffee break

Session 1: Interation Mechanisms 
11.00­‐11.30 Enhancing an Interactive Recommendation System with Review-based Information Filtering – Jan Feuerbach, Benedikt Loepp, Catalin-Mihai Barbu and Jürgen Ziegler

11.30-12.00 Enhancing Recommendation Diversity Through a Dual Recommendation Interface –Chun-Hua Tsai and Peter Brusilovsky

12.00-­12.15 Demo: Chusapedia: Integrating and Applying Knowledge About Human Choice Support – Anthony Jameson

12.15-­12.30 Demo: Moodplay: Interactive Mood-aware Music Recommendation – Raimundo Herrera, Ivana Andjelkovic, John O’Donovan, Denis Parra

12.30-14.00 Lunch

Session 2: Visualization
14.00­‐14.20 IntersectionExplorer: the Flexibility of Multiple Perspectives – Bruno Cardoso, Peter Brusilovsky and Katrien Verbert

14.20­‐14.40 User Model Dimensions for Personalizing the Presentation of Recommendations – Catalin-Mihai Barbu and Jürgen Ziegler

Session 3: Preference Elicitation
14.40­‐15.10 Rating by Ranking: An Improved Scale for Judgement-Based Labels – Jack O’Neill, Sarah Jane Delany and Brian Mac Namee

15.10­‐15.30 Learning Binary Preference Relations: Analysis of logic-based versus statistical approaches – Nunung Nurul Qomariyah and Dimitar Kazakov

15.30-­16.00 Coffee break

Session 4: Cognitive Factors

16.00-16.20 How Do Different Levels of User Control Affect Cognitive Load and Acceptance of Recommendations? – Yucheng Jin, Bruno Cardoso and Katrien Verbert.

16.20-­16.40 Guided Exploration of the Domain Space of Study Programs — Recommenders in improving student awareness on the choices made during enrollment – Vangel Ajanovski

16.40-­16.55 Demo: RecommendAR: Building Trust in Recommendations with Augmented Reality – Brandon Huynh, Adam Ibrahim, Tobias Hollerer, Yun-Suk Chang, John O’Donovan

16.55-­17.10 Demo: Using Ephemeral Context to Create Diverse Recommendations – Pavel Kucherbaev, Nava Tintarev, and Carlos Rodriguez

17.10-­17.25 Demo

17.25-17.40 Wrap-­up and discussion